Boycotting this forum until demeaning "Consumer" is removed from the title!

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Is it possible...?

that there will soon be only two Nikon DSLR forums?

1: DX DSLR  (Consumer)

2: FX DSLR  (Pro)


As of late, Nikon has yet to update it's "Pro" DX D300's. The DX lens lineup is lacking and there is plenty of speculation that upgrades for many DX users are to move to the FX format. Additionally, Nikon itself describes certain cameras (and lenses) as being "Pro" while many other Nikon cameras/lenses are not classified with that designation - see their Equipment List for NPS Membership.

Additionally, Nikon seems to be indicating that FX is more aligned with "Pro" level equipment as the D600 is on the Equipment List for NPS Membership while many critics of that camera feel that it is more on par with the D7000.

As far as the term "Consumer" goes... I suspect that one's interpretation of that term can be taken a certain way. If Nikon describes some equipment as "Pro" - what would the correct term be for the remaining cameras/lenses/and other equipment? And for that matter, why shouldn't DPReview follow suit in the labeling of their forum(s)?

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