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Re: the point of the thread has been missed I think ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

oklaphotog wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

I am pretty sure that he makes the point that anonymity is what stirs that pot. It has always been an issue with the complaint button, and it is now an issue with the -1 button.

How is that? The complaint button sends it to a moderator, who then evaluates if it is a legitimate complaint based on the rules. If it is, they do something. If not it's ignored. It stays a private matter between the plaintiff, defendant, and the judge.

Perhaps you have not been on these forums long enough to know that the complaint button was and is generally judged by volume and does not result in some sort of investigation. The moderators are extremely busy (moreso today handling the new forums) and have no time to get in between combatants.

I can tell you from long experience that the complaint button is a tool of the angry mob. Back channel communications do exist and are very effective in providing easy censorship of others. It happens, and the reason it happens is that it is anonymous.

And yes, the more common usage is to simply complain about a post that is, say, an unwarranted personal attack. You might have noticed how rarely these posts get deleted. That is because the volume of button presses usually does not get high enough to draw the attention of the moderators.

But the bottom line is that there is no reason to make these complaints anonymous. If you desire anonymity, then keep your DPR identity anonymous. We're talking about exposing identities, not the people behind them. It will always be possible to hide lol ...

I think both ways stirs the pot, but making it public is worse. The complaint button works well and historically has.

The complaint button is called the "baby button" in the FTF because it gets pushed so often by people having a tantrum. The new system has a less punitive intent, and that's good. But the complaint button still exists ... it will be interesting to see if the red flag (+/-) draws all the angry bulls' attention away ...

I've read these forums since DPR's inception. I've only recently started posting though. I've stopped shooting for the most part due to health issues and raising a kid so I have time to do so here and there. And I've seen some of the FT posts you talk about over the years.  But that all sounds like a lack of proper moderation and a failure on DPR's part. You set the rules, and if the complaint is because the post broke the rules, then intervene. Doesn't matter if a mob comes after you by hitting the complaint button. A proper moderator only moderates based on the rules. If the moderators are too busy, then they need new moderators. You shouldn't need a number of complaint button pushes, just one, for the moderator to investigate.

A moderator dedicated to each sub forum doesn't sound like too much to ask. I kept track of 200-300 posts a day at times on my list back in the day. I read them all and was involved, not just sit back and wait for someone to complain. I didn't get paid for it either, I volunteered my time because of my love for photography. I'm sure there are plenty of level headed people that could be interviewed to be volunteer moderators, especially if for dedicating their time to moderating, they got a discount at amazon on photo gear or something. I will say that we had a fine group of users that were civil and I rarely had to do any serious moderation. We had some definite heated discussion at times, but it never got down and dirty. I know at one time even all of's moderators were volunteers, and probably still are.

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