If there is now 1100D-300D, why not 60D-10D?

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Re: If there is now 1100D-300D, why not 60D-10D?

The T3 is definitely not better than the 60D. The T3 is I think Canon's lowest entry level DSLR. the T3i on the other hand (not the same as the T3) is comparable to the 60D in some ways - same sensor and same image processor - but the 60D has features that some more advanced users might benefit from, i.e. faster burst shooting and probably faster autofocus.

As for the forum name, I was happy with 'Rebel' but too many folks found it even more confusing than finding the on-off switch on their REBEL (!) so it got changed somewhat. I have no problem with that just so everyone is happy and we can talk about cameras instead of forum names.

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Do people really spend $700 on a camera so they can take a picture of a duck?

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