Is anyone tempted to go for a Nex 6 ?

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Re: Is anyone tempted to go for a Nex 6 ?

Too early to tell.

What attracts me most to the NEX6 is the new compact kit lens which is much smaller than the previous kit lens and I am surprised to not hear more comment regarding that lens and much will depend on just how good it proves to be.  The NEX6 would miss the Live Touch Screen of the NEX7 as well as its all metal body.  However once you get into the telephoto zoom range the lenses are simply too big for the camera because of the added distance to sensor while kit zoom and primes better fit.

Another question mark is how well the passive AF cells work on the modified sensor and early previews hint of softer output and heavier noise reduction?   Sony cut the price a lot for what it offers so maybe some compromises likely and after all they still have the NEX7 in lineup.

I personally am waiting to see how the GX2 turns out and hope it has a small OLED EVF from the GH3 in the body but maybe only as a high resolution OLED EVF addon option?  You can bet it will likely have an electronic shutter like the G5 and use the new sensor from the GH3 with many of its HD video capabilities.

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