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Re: As a compromise I'd like to get rid of Thumbs-Down

Thanks for all the responses! I see that I am not the only person who thinks this is a bad addition to the forum, but of course a lot of people make good points about why we should keep the thumbs-up/thumbs-down. Personally I believe the negative effects outweigh the positive.

I would like to see the DPReview staff implement a compromise. Perhaps we remove the anonymity from voting, or (as others have suggested) we limit the number of votes a person can cast in a single day. These steps would make someone think twice before they give a thumbs-down without a good reason.

Perhaps a better approach is to remove the Thumbs-Down voting button and allow for positive feedback only when it comes to anonymous voting buttons. This would make it easy to identify the most popular responses, and would take us back to the old way of, "If you don't like my post, respond and tell me why." rather than just letting someone provide negative feedback that is neither informative nor constructive. Think about it: In what other form of civil discussion is it appropriate to respond to someone with, "I don't like what you just said." with no explanation of why?

Lack of civility on message boards is a common problem. A thumbs-down button in a forum already prone to flame wars is like fighting fire with unlit matches. It just gives the bullies another tool. I've been around here long enough that it doesn't bother me when someone gives me negative feedback, but a feature like this will not encourage new DPReview members to stick around. They will simply leave for friendlier message boards.

If the voting is abused then it becomes a useless feature that contributes more noise to the discussion rather than helping people quickly find the most useful posts and responses. The forum bullies will love the thumbs-down button, but what good does it do those of us who just want to have a civil discussion about photography and photographic gear?


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