Do features such as Active D lighting, Lens correction, vignetting corrections etc work with RAW?

Started Oct 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Do features such as Active D lighting,

jimmythemac wrote:

There's a few more I believe, but I only have a passing knowledge of NX2. I like what it does with color, but it's sloooooow and not as adept at managing the catalog as Lightroom. Just my opinion, though.

Same here. Nothing beats the propietary software as they are the only ones that know exactly how to open .NFE files BUT, the software in general sucks because it's waaaaay too slooooooow! (even on my PC with 64Gb RAM, 2 Xeon processors and SSDs). After all, Nikon is a hardware company and not a software company. They should really think hard about this in order to provide a better solution.


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