Thumbs up / Thumbs down already being abused

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sean000 wrote:

Two things that would help:
  1. Don't allow anonymous votes. (If I'm going to give a post a negative rating, I will say why in a response)
  2. Consider removing the negative ratings completely.

I'm waiting at least for a standard code of conduct.  It appears that the site's designers, engineers and/or managers are rating  postings, which is unethic conduct under any code I've seen online.

Let's not mince words.

The problem is that the site designers, engineers and their managers don't know what they're doing.

There are well known best practices in the forum space.  The designers appear to have just made it all up themselves, and seem intent to repeat all the mistakes from which other professional bother to learn before embarking on this kind of extreme re-engineering.

It's not only foolish, it's juvenile.

Amazon has some of the worst forum systems on the planet, Internet 1.0 1999 vintage.  They've rolled that basic level of forum intelligence into dpreview, then overengineered and overarchitected with every kind of bad "buzzword" technology.  The result is bad design and UI, and a collection of buggy hold-your-nose drop-in javascript elements.

Hey, but I'll bet they have a slide deck with the words "standards compliant" in bold!

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