Is Micro 4/3's Going To make DSLRs obsolete?

Started Oct 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Is Micro 4/3's Going To make DSLRs obsolete?

No is the answer. Why? ....

  • M4/3 is still not level with what todays flasghip full-frames are capable of in terms of resolution, speed and AF capabilities.
  • People will also continue to pay top dollar for bodies/glass that aren't digitally corrected, just because the don't like the idea. 
  • Pro wedding togs will continue to tote big black cameras because that's what they are expected to use.
  • Also M4/3 cannot do shallow DoF in the way that larger sensor bodies can. 

Maybe when a full frame mirrorless system comes out and establishes itself then just maybe dSLRs will start to wind down. I can't see the going anywhere in the pro market for some time though.

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