D300 , battery grips & extra fps

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Re: D300 , battery grips & extra fps

I am thinking that such an item that has no moving parts, it must be really sucky build quality to fail over simple (i think) electrical functions

My Chinese grip failed after a year as I said in a previous post. The problem with non-Nikon grips is not the physical build of the grip. It is the build of the electronics. Cheap electronics can go bad if you submit it to vibration (like the floor of a car) or dirt or trauma (letting it bang against something out of carelessness) or even poor design with the integrated circuits or other components. I was an electronic technician in the Navy and I can tell you that there is a huge difference between a well built circuit card and a flimsy one. Notice that most of us who have had Chinese grips, however long they have lasted, have gone over to Nikon grips. I think that in the long run you will save money with the Nikon brand grip if you use it regularly and keep the combination for a significant period of time.

M. Clapp

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