Canon 320HS clicking sound on Video Mode

Started Oct 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mike G Lee
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Re: Canon 320HS clicking sound on Video Mode


Greetings.  I was a Canon sales rep up until about a month ago and carried one of these nice little 320HS cameras with me for several months.  In all the video I shot I never heard any unusual or distracting sounds, whether the video was shot indoors with low ambient noise, or outdoors.  If this noise is audible in video taken outdoors I would recommend contacting Canon customer service and explaining the problem.  I'd recommend not accepting it as is.  Related to this, I do know there are certain models which have definite "noise" issues, which are (unfortunately) inherent in their design.  The SX130 is one of these models, which produces a static-like noise audible in video taken indoors, and sometime outdoors on a calm and quiet day.  This issue can not be "fixed", it was a design issue.


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