Any lens on m43 ?

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Re: Any lens on m43 ?

MarcusBrody wrote:

The key for manual lenses is making sure that you can adjust the aperture on the lens.

The above is the most important reply in this thread, and I'm surprised so many posts failed to mention it!

The discussion about focus assist technologies is not nearly as important. You will always achieve focus eventually. But if you adapt a lens without an aperture ring chances are it will be much less useful or even useless: you will have wasted your money.

The exception to the rule is the old Four Thirds SLR system: you can adapt those lenses with the (expensive) Olympus/Panasonic adapters, with aperture control on all lenses. However, your best bets are old manual focus lenses with aperture rings AND Micro Four Thirds lenses, all depending on how much money you want to use.

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