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Re: you really played the "communist" card :-)

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Richard wrote:

oklaphotog wrote:

Richard wrote:

DPreview, the feature is great, leave it as it is, you will never be able to contol "abuse".

Not true, many forums runs with far less abuse than here. It's called moderators. You don't see half the stuff that happens here over at for instance. There have been plenty of forums in history that have not been plagued with the issues at DPR.

I prefer freedom of speech and with that comes abuse. It is more important to have freedom than someone silencing someones opinion.

We also have laws that remove people from society when they become dangerous or extremely disruptive. That is not communism, it is civilization.

Removing anonymity in the +/- system seems like one good way to maintain some order in the new voting system. That takes "feelings" out of it and makes sure that people can be called to account if necessary.

Voting and free speech are very democratic. Are you a communist? LOL

Yes, and opinions often get carried to an extreme. And that disrupts everyone else. And people get hurt. And so on and so forth. Maintain a semblance of civilized order is not a communist thing. And asking people to be adults is not akin to "big brother" reprogramming them.

I won't ask what you are ... I can already tell by the hair trigger against anything that smacks of government.



Good post. I completely agree with the exception of the anonymity. Normally I would agree even about the votes being public as I believe in accountability, but because I feel that the voting entices a type of competitiveness or a sport to make someone have more up or down votes, I feel it would be just as bad and that proper moderation based on a set of good rules is the way to go. It has historically been what works.

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