Bummed, but returning D600

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Re: Not wrong to expect a product that is ready to use

Agree 100%. It's amazing so many people put a negative vote by the original post. Why?

Then there are dozens of posts that say "clean the sensor / buy some kit and clean the sensor" and that's exactly what the OP did, multiple times. Don't criticize people unless you're willing to actually read their entire post. Then all the political statements about how it's "stupid Americans" that's "the real problem". Rise above it, folks. There are millions of annoying people who complain about stuff they shouldn't, in every corner of the globe, including your corner. This isn't one of those cases.

Further, I don't get this "logic": "it's just extra oil spattering on your sensor, clean it off."  Extra oil?? Hard not to laugh at that a little. Have we become so used to companies short-changing us on service and overlooking "quality in the details", that we expect now the cameras we buy for $2000 and $3000, will have excess oil flying around in inside the most sensitive areas of the camera? "Just shut up and take it?"

Many people expect that with their new cars these days... they expect minor problems after a few weeks or months, expect to take it into their dealer to "get the kinks ironed out", and expect to get screwed on the ensuing repair bill. And indeed, they get what they expect. Millions also expect their wireless or broadband provider to continually nickel and dime them to death, raising the bill every year with extra charges... and to never get a hold of a real person when they call support. We get what we expect there too. "Just take it"; that's what most people do. It's pretty sad. How about: "When you're paying a lot, expect the details to be done right"? Is that unreasonable?

As an earlier poster said, where do we draw the line? If the LCD has a hairline crack but still functioning should we "apply some resin, sand it down and re-polish it" ourselves? I get that some people find a reason to complain about everything they buy (camera, smart phone, whatever), and that many of those people don't need what they buy in the "know how to use it" sense of the word. But that's clearly not the case here based on the details.

I've purchased several Nikon DSLR bodies over the years and none exhibited any problems remotely like this. It's not "normal" to expect excess lubricant to be present inside the camera, to the point it spatters on the sensor! That's called a problem with the manufacturing process and something that's normally caught in quality control for each batch of cameras made. Believe me, Nikon doesn't design things so there's oil spattering around the D600 sensor box. It's an oversight. They missed it. There's no excuse for it. (read: Don't make excuses for Nikon or Canon or anyone else that does it.)

This isn't some no-name PAS camera they redeemed from their expiring airline miles catalog, that showed up in a crumpled box on their doorstep 8 weeks later. It's an expensive, professional grade DSLR from Nikon (a company that prides itself on quality products and service), and regardless of whether the person is a pro or a weekend hobbyist, they are 100% right to expect they won't have to deal with "oil on the sensor". It's called "get what you pay for", and in this particular case they didn't.

If I shelled out a few thousands bucks for D800 and I started seeing oil spots on the sensor after minor usage, it's going back for an exchange. That is an unacceptable flaw, even at a much lower price point. Dust is unavoidable over time, but even that is not something you expect to see out of the box. OTOH if I believed that something I did had contributed to the problem... then I'd send it to the service facility in Melville if I was unable to fix it myself. But brand new? Common.

Have a little understanding folks.

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