24-70 f/2.8L II LensRental test

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Re: 24-70 f/2.8L II LensRental test

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What is your impression of the build quality? The fact that this new version is lighter and made from plastic makes me (again) kick myself that I didn't buy the original 24-70 two years ago and went with the less impressive 24-105 instead.

I have the 24-70 Mk I and Mk II. The build quality of the Mk II feels as good as the Mk I and according to the LensRentals.com tear-down report the internal quality is much higher than the Mk I.

In my opinion you didn’t miss anything by not getting the Mk I. I rarely used mine because it sucked, even after Canon “brought it up to spec.” As far as I can tell about half the Mk Is produced were good and half bad. Of the half good, one moderate jolt and they became bad. Read the LensRental report for why:


I love my Mk II and have rediscovered moderately wide photography again.

Funny that it continued to be the most popular medium zoom among professionals for well over a decade. I've only read about bad copies on the internet. Never met anyone who actually possessed one. Lens rentals love to speculate, saying stupid things like I 'believe' that the new design would withstand a drop from heights better... or rubbish like 'The collars seem larger, heavier, and just tougher'... I can almost guarantee you that no lens in their lineup has been subjected to so much abuse over the years as the 24-70. If you don't understand why, don't ask.

For all we know all copies of the mkII may start to deteriorate by tomorrow morning.

Will I be getting one. Probably, when and if my mk1 ever breaks.

(But I don't rate the plastic thing. They have to stop that nonsense.)

If you were a wedding guy and did not care passionately about corners, I can see why the old zoom (any Canon zoom) might be in demand. But we landscapers have had to resort to primes which limits framing and results in tossing away pixles when we need to crop later.

The pixles in the corner are just as important to me as those in the center.

What I see when I open the image and view it at 100% is very important to my overall attitude toward a final print. When I look at the print I know what’s there and what I had to do to get there. For me, good enough does not work.



I hear you.

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