Is Micro 4/3's Going To make DSLRs obsolete?

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For some, yes

Buyers of entry level DSLRs are already gravitating toward mirrorless system cameras because they are smaller and less conspicuous. My first digital camera was a Minolta A1, an early mirrorless design with a nice 28-200, f/2.8 to f/3.5 manual extension zoom lens. With good subject lighting and a little work I could print 8x10s or even 11x14s that were pleasing. When the 5 megapixel sensor failed, Sony's buyout provided me with the updated Konica-Minollta A2. It's 922,000 dot resolution EVF and 60fps refresh rate and excellent low light ability was a huge improvement. The eyepiece tilted upward 90 degrees for easier low angle shooting and the bump to 8 megapixels was welcomed. It had a plethora of manual controls and had a magnesium alloy frame, anti-shake, live histograms and raw output. Feature wise, a very advanced camera in 2004 and credible today.

That said, there are limits to image quality from a 2/3" sensor. In that regard I will be interested in seeing how well the Panasonic FZ-200 compares to the A2 under similar conditions. Of course 4/3 sensors have improved since introduction, but there are tradeoffs in packing in more photosites and ultimate limits. So for those who demand ultimate image quality and wall sized prints, full frame or larger will continue to be in demand.

Personally, I still prefer the optical viewfinder on my Canon 5 and 7Ds, but with increased resolution and frame rate, I can accept EVFs especially those that function well in very low light where optical finders are problematic and for video production. The 24x36 frame has been with us for almost a century and although film stocks are declining, the lenses designed for that format soldier on and will be useful on full and crop  cameras for many years to come.

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