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Re: A case of you got the sensor dirty yourself perhaps?

antoineb wrote:

sorry but you don't make a lot of sense to me:

- if your sensor showed spots a new camera, then I don't see why all the rant - this is covered under warranty obviously.  Now that cameras have live view, it is easy enough to see any spots in real time by just going to say f22 and pointing at a blank wall.  No need for special testing.

So as per my logic, you'd have played with your camera, seen this major problem, returned it to the store under warranty probably within the first week.

- the fact that you did NOT return the camera at once (which anyone would have done upon seeing lots of spots), but rather went through several cleaning cycles, suggests that perhaps you were one of those unlucky people who "cleaned" perhaps too aggressively.

Cleaning a sensor is never an innocent task.  It needs to be done very carefully.  Blowing air is the only safe method (some years ago some Hungarian guys had done several cycles of putting LOTS of dust on their sensors, then getting it all of with a blow-drier!).

Methods involving any liquid always present a risk.  The good kits will generally involve liquids that are not harmful, the bad ones will be harmful, and in any case you can never know for sure until it's too late.

What am I missing?

You are missing that I did not check the sensor immediately upon opening the package. I opened the box, put my brand new 50mm on  and did some ISO tests.  I realized I would need to get the grip so I put it on shelf and waited for it to show. I saw others suggesting this way be an issue but disregarded it as uncommon. When the grip arrived I decided to give it a look aaren't was very bad IMO. Others had said "just clean it" so I tried. Don't think I didn't try blowing it out first because I did, many times.  Wet cleaning as recommended by local store was unsuccessful. I decided it not worthy of any more effort and is being returned. I will be dealing with my local store for next purchase and hope to have a clean sensor when leaving the store. I understand it is my responsibility after that to maintain its cleanliness.

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