Nanoha Super Macro, GH2 and a Fig Wasp

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Re: Nanoha Super Macro, GH2 and a Fig Wasp

nzmacro wrote:

Mike942 wrote:

I did another shoot of the same bug using a Raynox 202 on front of the Pan/Leica 45mm giving a 2.4:1 macro. For this I found 46 images sufficient...


Now that is starting to make a lot more sense and I better say IMO. Thats a good setup. Reason is the lens to subject distance for the ratio. If I use a Canon 100-300 F/5.6L at the 300mm end and an added Raynox DCR-250 + a 50mm tube, I get a 3.9:1 at a lens to subject distance of around 210mm. That gives plenty of room for lighting Mike and that at F/32 using the ring flash. Its also a very sharp setup.

Charles Krebs may often stack well over a 100 images, but his ratios would be over a 30:1, thats not a mistake ;), 30:1 and often more. So I don't think you need that many shots. Mind you its hard without a very fine regulated stage as well. So what you have here has worked out pretty well. I would tend to cut down on the images though. CombineZ and Helicon focus can take awhile as you know :).

All the best Mike and I would be interested in seeing more when you can.

Me too. Interesting info both, and nice result Mike.

I've been using a 202 on a Panasonic 45-175 on a G3, single shots in the wild. It gives a similar degree of magnification (down to scenes just over 4mm across), and it handles nicely because the 45-175 doesn't extend. I haven't done much photography since I got it because of the horrible weather here this "summer", but when I have had a chance it has proved fine for fruit flies and springtails (the longer, thinner ones, 2mm or so body + head).

Working distance is very short, 29-32mm. I recently did a session with Raynox 250 and 150 stacked on the 45-175 (got the idea from Mark Berkery ). Not as much magnification (scenes down to about 8.5mm, about half way between the Raynox 250 and 202) but an easier working distance of 60-68mm. Very usable.

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