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Hi Gosman.

Running a bespoke trip (which any decent photography trip should be) does have significant cost implications vs a standard tourist trip certainly.

There are however many options available to all depending how you want to travel and how much time and research you are willing to do yourself.

I can't speak for everyone, but certainly myself and other photographers I know (even some very big names) don't just sit back and count the money coming in all day, quite the opposite in fact. Often we are at the mercy of the organisations that run the area. For example a Gorrilla permit in Rwands is now $750 for a single trek I believe (that's the raw cost before hotels, travel, food etc..).

All the images I took in that review were over the span of a week and I had no special privileges vs anyone else travelling to the Mara.

There are many self drive/camping options available to anyone that has the time and inclination to invest to do so, likewise there are super expensive luxury trips where one doesn't have to lift a finger.

It is similar to eating out in a restaurant and wondering why it costs more than the total of the food's ingredients. You could cook the same meal and have it taste just as good if you don't mind doing all the work yourself and if you are willing to put the same amount of time into cooking skills as the chef did. But by the time you had done all that would you be quids in or even in a position to enjoy the meal?

The real question I always ask before I run a tour is where does this money (I as the organizer initial outlay) go? That is why I often prefer the private conservancies out in the Mara to the government run parks as the money does go into making the habitat and wildlife better rather than vanishing into thin air so to speak.



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