Which is better? A Nikon D600 or D800? Mostly using it HANDHELD & with low light.

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Lots of mis-leading stuff going around

The thing about shot discipline is that you need that with any camera.  I use a D800E, and I can tell you that I get better results than I did with a D700 shooting handheld.  If I am sloppy, I get exactly what I got with a D700, garbage.  Your candid snap shots are going to be the same, regardless of pixel count.  You will mess some up, but like with any camera, you will get more right if you just pay attention.  But here's the thing: when you do it right with a D800E you will be astonished.  If you put that thing on a tripod and shoot wildlife you are going to wonder who took those photos because you have never been able to get anything like that before.

All the dire warnings about these new cameras come from 100% pixel peepers.  If you view handheld shots from the D800 and D700 side by side at 100% you are going to think the D700 is much cleaner.  That is only because you don't have enough resolution to see how well or how poorly YOU performed, not the camera.  The D800 will show you the sloppiness viewed at 100%, but notice how little of the full image you see on the screen at that resolution, compared to a D700 or even a D600.  Downsize the D800 image so you are comparing apples to apples, and in all likelihood it will be as good or better.

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