D800 Grip Revisited - Nikon is DUMB!

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D800 Grip Revisited - Nikon is DUMB!

Well, like a lot of people I was really not happy with the price of the D800 grip, which was no different in quality from my D700, D7000 grips. I bought the Pixel grip for about 95 bucks. I was an early adopter and mine wasn't right. The seller on Amazon said they had a bad batch and sent me a new one, which works EXACTLY like the Nikon brand version. Both have the same feel. There is no flexing. And both are made in China.

My friends with the D800 have also bought the Pixel grips and no problems so far. I have seen two Nikon grips fail: 1st was on my D7000 (shutter button died-vendor replaced unit) and the second on a D700 where the Nikon grip contacts could not handle the strain of a blackrapid strap.

So I'm not buying that the Nikon version is better built in any significant way. Nor is anyone worried about a warranty issue. Nikon would have a hard time proving that a 3rd party grip hurt a D800 unless you sent it back with the camera! Anyone with an IQ over 50 would simple say they tried a Nikon version in a shop and the damage was done.

So the price of the Nikon grip is not only costing them sales, but should damage be incurred from a 3rd party grip they will float the dime on the repair as well. True, the heavy shooting pro will just buy the Nikon grip, but pretty much anyone else will be going for the 3rd party and it's a lose/lose proposition for Nikon. Consumer REACTION to the D800 grip pricing has been TERRIBLE! It has a 3 rating on Amazon with more negative reviews than positive. B&H reviews are more balanced but almost all mention the gouging price.

So here we have evidence of Nikon's AWFUL PR machine. Though they present the best DSLR's on today's market they do not respond intelligently to consumer unrest. The D800 AF issue is yet another example of this. At times Nikon treats it's customers like a unwanted guest they must tollerate.

And that's my morning rant! Love my D800 Pixel grip.


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