Thumbs up / Thumbs down already being abused

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Re: Love the feature, who cares if it abused. People just hate change.

Richard wrote:

DPreview, the feature is great, leave it as it is, you will never be able to contol "abuse".

Not true, many forums runs with far less abuse than here. It's called moderators. You don't see half the stuff that happens here over at for instance. There have been plenty of forums in history that have not been plagued with the issues at DPR.

We don't need to reply to say whether we like a post or not.

Why do we need to let the world know every time we don't like a post? The fact is, the rating system is being used to belittle people. Egomanics that vote down new people with simple questions. People who think they know everything, voting down a post of someone that has a legitimate problem with their gear etc... The trolling, egotism, and other things that happen here are part of why you rarely see any serious posts from serious photogs compared to other forums. This activity is something that has plagued DPR for years, but has become worse over time. It is something that is going to be made even worse by the voting system. The reason is because the trolls etc... Outweigh the sane people. You can instantly tell this by the way the voting system is already being abused and how legitimate posts get a million down votes vs. none or upvotes.

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