Is anyone tempted to go for a Nex 6 ?

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Re: Maybe the NEX7 not the NEX6

The general complaint about the nex-7 is that the corners are very soft/smeared. Also there is colour shift; these issues are more apparent with wide angle  (though retro-focus design have less of an issue).

Supposedly the Nex 6 is using a sensor simlar to the Nex 5n which did not have these issues as well as having better low light capabilities.

jessicajp wrote:

The NEX7 has been on my short-list of upgrades since it came out and it does so many things right. I don't see how the NEX6 is 'better' than a NEX7 outside of the standard hot shoe and maybe cheaper. But right now in tokyo new NEX7 bodies are only 73,000yen, actually 20,000yen ($250) cheaper than OMD bodies (94,000yen). NEX6 bodies would have to sell for less than 55,000 for me to even consider it over a NEX7. More likely the NEX6 body will be 65,000yen which is too close.

NEX7 has such good ergos though: Tri-navi dial controls are very good (no tri-navi on NEX6), focus peaking, button feel/placement, grip feel in the hand are all great. If the OMD had the NEX7 ergos, it would be case closed and I would be shooting an OMD.

But as someone else stated, the NEX EVF although it gives a great first impression, is actually too contrasty and dark. Also for me EVF magnification optics have a very small sweat-spot (moving off center a little and the EVF image distorts horribly). NEX6 is supposed to have the same EVF.

But the main problem with NEX are the lenses. They are bigger, most are average IQ, and the good ones are very expensive.

And then with the possibility of a FF NEX (and a new set of lenses), the whole NEX system just feels a bit "lost at sea" to me.

I might still pick up a cheap used NEX7 at some point to shoot my manual focus m-mount lenses, but I would not abandon mFT. More likely once the OMD price drops I will get one and try to live with the annoying buttons.

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