Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit?

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Re: Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit?

seeblue wrote:

You have to import them first. You can't "play" them from the card.

Some chatter about it:

Apparently, the CCK will import your non-DRM movie file(s) from an SD card into the Photos app on your iDevice. The movie files on the SD card need to be in the correct format (SD and HD video formats, including H.264 and MPEG-4), a correctly labeled folder (DCIM), and the file names need to be 8 characters and something like or .m4v

You may need to use Handbrake or something like that to convert your movie files to the correct format.

For the flexibility and convenience I think I'd blow a little more money and get a CloudFTP/iUSBport instead of the CCK.  But, I haven't bit on an iPad yet (will eventually), so I'm talking from the sidelines.

You can play stuff directly from SD cards if you jailbreak and use  RushPlayer+ (not to be mistaken for the dumbed-down AppStore version, RushPlayer!). Then, make sure you navigate to /var/mnt/mount1 - it's there that the SD card is mapped to. See for a quick review of RushPlayer+.

I'll report back after investigating whether other (AppStore and XBMC) players work thru symlinks.

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