Wasabi Power GX1 Batteries ---- Caveat Emptor

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Re: Wasabi Power GX1 Batteries ---- Caveat Emptor

jim stirling wrote:

6bender wrote:

Let's see - the first two people to reply and say that they haven't had the same problem get thumbs down votes? Seriously, people are idiotic.

Yep, the voting system is plain daft, I have seen a few example now of folk getting negative thumbs down for asking a fair question. Personally I think it should be two fingers up to the system.

I agree. The interesting part is that many of these have zero "thumbs up", indicating the poster is also not bothered enough (or vain enough!) to promote themselves as so many people seem to do.

All those posters with one "thumbs up" on every single post make me smile, but it's sad really.

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