58mm f2 M42 lens, first attempt

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58mm f2 M42 lens, first attempt

Last Saturday I went to a friend's wedding. I had promised myself to not take any camera with me, but I could not resist

So, I went lightweight. K100d Super + Hellios M42 58mm f2.0

First real attempt to use this MF lens on digital sensor, at least more than a few random test shots. All shots wide open only, most without flash.

First my two precious

Wide open, correct focus

Missed focus here, in between the eyes. DoF is really thin that close (~0.5 meters)

A 1:1 crop from the first  shot

Then, the couple

This one with flash

The above two shoots are from about 5-6 meters away. At f2.0 only the gro╬┐m or the bride were in focus at f2.0. Stopped down metering with the AE-AL button was very easy. AF confirmation heps a lot too, so did SR. However, the DoF, is thin enough to make precise MF challenging. The focus ring has great feel and long travel, but even a very small movement of the focus ring (at f2.0 ) would change he focusing distance very much!

In this last shot, I wasn't fast enough to MF and the shutter speed was marginal for her movement but I liked the capture in small resolution.

In general, I liked the K100dS+Hellios 58mm combo in terms of handling and if focusing is perfect, there is enough sharpness for medium sized prints. Flare control was not controlled at all with strong light sources.

The lights were out of the frame, but still flare was bad. A little FF too

But the general feel of the lens and camera was very nice in the hands and some shoots were very sharp too. I wish I gould get closer to the couple for some more creative shots, but I didn't want to get in the feet of the photographers working that night

They were running to get the best shoots..

I am definitelly going to use this combo again in better light.

Thanks for looking

Kind Regards,


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