Nanoha Super Macro, GH2 and a Fig Wasp

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Re: Nanoha Super Macro, GH2 and a Fig Wasp

The 640 ISO was a left over from trying to use just the LED - I forgot to reset. However another problem setting up without the LEDs is to be able to see the subject well enough to position it. I find it difficult to position the subject and then move the flash into position without disturbing the set up so tend to need to finally position it (I'm talking in the horizontal plane) after the flash is in position and then I can't get enough light on the subject to see it clearly enough on the LCD screen. Temporarily opening the aperture to f/11, and a higher ISO helps just enough.

Number of images. With legs and ovipositor sticking up vertically or close to it in places closely spaced steps are necessary. I may well be overdoing it...

I've asked Shin Yasuhara if DOF data is available which would be most helpful. He wrote that he would make it available:

OK. I will show it.
We are now starting to Photokina exhibition in Germany.
So I will handle this matter after I come back to Japan.
As for DOF, as you know, it is not the absolute value.
It depends on the limit of tolerable error(diameter).
So we have not opend the data.
But it may be convenient for the users to know the DOF
for specified limit of tolerable error.

It'll be interesting to see how much I've have been overdoing it.

I did another shoot of the same bug using a Raynox 202 on front of the Pan/Leica 45mm giving a 2.4:1 macro. For this I found 46 images sufficient...


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