now that DPreview has ruined its forums

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Re: now that DPreview has ruined its forums

ThomasH_always wrote:

Ha... You mean we will have no choice! They will ignore public opinion and keep the new system.

What puzzles me though is this: Despite all the responses agreeing with this poster, and I share his opinion too, I see the "-23" (do not like score), very high negative.  I have to wonder about this discrepancy.  Is this the dpreview stuff, or the software company stuff, who wrote this new forum code clicking on the "do not like"??

Do you really think that's likely? How small-minded would they need to be to stack their own stats?

Maybe most people actually like the change?

OOPS - I clicked the like button on my own post and now I can't remove it - lol. Does that make me a hypocrite?

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