Nanoha Super Macro, GH2 and a Fig Wasp

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Re: Nanoha Super Macro, GH2 and a Fig Wasp

Good work on a small subject.

Not sure why with a ring flash you needed ISO 640. I'm happy with a 4:1 at shooting non stacked (maybe 3-5 shots stacked but not often) at ISO 100, F/32 using a ring flash set at a 1/4 power. Why ISO 640 ??. I do shoot hand held at that because the flash duration is short. On a fairly flat side on subject as this, even at a 4.7:1 you won't need that many images stacked. At this ratio side on and not much DOF to it, I would imagine a max of around 14-20 shots on a dead subject even at that ratio.

All the best and nice work, now how about some live subjects outside


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Birds and macro. NEX and m4/3

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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