Something wrong with my E-M5 ...

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Re: Something wrong with my E-M5 ...

John Bean (UK) wrote:

One of the other links I read (can't find it, sorry) mentioned a specific "black frame" fault that sounded more similar to yours that degenerated from a few random black frames on startup into a completely stuck shutter. It finally stuck in the closed position so he even lost live view, but I have no idea whether this is typical. It was repaired under warranty of course.

In my case, live view worked properly after blank shots/black frames taken. I will continue practicing with it to see the what comes next.

Of the other reports of increasing underexposure with higher shutter speeds some were getting black frames as low as 1/1000s, often inconsistently. I think the varying symptoms probably relate to the same underlying shutter fault that will need addressing sooner or later.

I don't want to sound like some prophet of doom but "forewarned is forearmed" as the saying goes.

Thanx for the kind information John

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John Bean [BST (GMT+1)]

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