A99 field report on LL!

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Re: A99 field report on LL!

I see it this way. When reading this "summery" review, I think the reviewer finds the A99 that good, image quality wise, handling, features, etc., that the only "possible" negative thing that left is the EVF/OVF choice.

For me, as an EVF adept, this is great news. I was a long time OVF shooter (35 years), but I prefer the advantages from the EVF anytime over an OVF, ANYTIME!!

So, for me and other EVF lovers, the A99 must be the most ideal FF camera to find now. No other compromises, no single one at first sight.

Put it the other way: if the A99 was a camera like the Canon 600D, who would buy it except those with a lot of Minolta and Sony lenses? So, changing to the EVF route, with all the supplementary advantages because of the EVF design, gives the SLT camera's all the extra benefits the other brands can't deliver today.

That's why the review is indeed biased in some way, because the SLT makes a lot extra features and typical Sony solutions possible that otherwise wouldn't be there. So, the reviewer emphasised the (personal) deslike of the EVF, but forgot to mention all the extra benefits an EVF delivers over an OVF.

The same thought I have about the tiltable LCD. No longer than yesterday morning, when I was shooting some swans on a lake, using the over the ground composition, some photo club members near to my where on their belly in the wet grass to do the same. I felt a happy man

And some comments of so called pro's saying the swiveling LCD isn't durable enough. Well, just let it fold in then and don't use it in severe conditions. At least on some SLT's you can fold it towards the camera, for full protection. The nay sayers can't even do that. Who's LCD is most protected then?

I will never buy a future camera without an EVF and without a tiltable screen! With the A99 I will have all I want in one fantastic camera. Now I am gonna wait a few months for the price dropping ;-))

best regards to all here.


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