Which is better? A Nikon D600 or D800? Mostly using it HANDHELD & with low light.

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Re: Which is better? A Nikon D600 or D800? Mostly using it HANDHELD & with low light.

5tve wrote:

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5tve wrote:

No D600 but I do have the D700 , D7000 & D800.

High ISO noise & Dynamic Range  pretty much identical.

Shooting candid's photo journalism  the D600 has the advantage of a quieter  shutter & is less conspicuous. Autofocus sensitivity only down to -1EV which is not so good as the -2EV of the D800.

The C1 & C2 custom banks are better on the D600  & I believe you get more shots out of the battery.

The D600 has 5.5fps at  24MP against the D800's  5fps 1.2 crop 25MP or with the grip & AA batteries 6fps DX crop 15MP

Pretty much everything else apart from price advantage to the D800.

Any camera shake will look worse with the D800 viewing at 100% on your monitor, when you post the image on the web or print them at the same size as the D600  the same amount of camera shake will never look worse.

Hi 5tve

Thanks for replying. I get what you mean. Images shot with the D600 would somehow get away more than the D800 and with downsampling and all, things would be close to similar results. Which could give the D800 a slight disadvantage because of the additional workflow of downsampling and rendering those humungous files. I'm planning to shoot at max in the 14-bit lossless compressed format [which is still gigantic at 42MB average file size. and my Macbook Pro has only 4GB ram which would take processing forever. ]

I'm not sure you understand properly  what I meant.

The D600 would have no advantage over the D800 regarding camera shake.

If the D600 & D800 both used the same lens & were placed on a working  spin dryer for support & you used a remote to take the same picture at the same time you'd get the same amount of camera shake & when you viewed the images on your PC at the same size say 100% for the D600 you would be viewing at around 70%  (guess)  on the D800 they'd look the same.

D600 or D800 & only 4GB  ram  filesize is going to be you biggest problem.

maybe shooting jpeg would be a good idea when shooting handheld & low light , you are never going to print them large or maximise the potential  36MP resolution anyway.

I took this image saturday night with my D800 its a jpeg quality set to small & size to basic  which

=  a file size of 1.55MB & dimension 2456 x 3680 pixels  this is untouched SOC

The only light was the TV ISO 25,600

And this is after processing in Lightroom

I have not  had to resize them to post here. Click on the original beneath the photo to see them full size .

I'm pretty sure that if I'd used a D600 to take the photo it would have looked the same.

If I'd used my D700 it would have looked worse because it has less dynamic range so the colour fades & the noise because of the larger pixels is much coarser ,I'd have probably converted it to a nice black & white.

Hi 5tve

Yes. I saw this post of yours on your other thread. It's very interesting. Thanks. Well, I guess the decision's really up to me. Hopefully I'll make the most logical one. Thank you for your response. It's very helpful.

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