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Good set - here's the no hold's barred comments:

This first one is looking a bit over-filtered for colour with the sea quite a bit brighter than the sky. The pier with good light is obviously a good subject, the great concrete intrusion isn't so photogenic so I'm left in a bit of confusion about the composition coupled with a mid exposure which seems mid way between ghosting the surf and holding detail. About twice or half as long may have strung together better. Cokin filters? The magenta cast looks familiar. If you want to remove the cast you can do 2 conversions from the raw file using different WB settings, then mask them back together.

One that is interesting at first glance, but as with the first composition, there separate elements are feeling too much like separate elements and not quite stringing together for a complete image. I like the components, but the jet trail needs to be aligned in a way that flows or starts to make a statement in some way. The sun is obviously blows and is feeling uncomfortable. I'm left feeling the image is trying to do too much.

This is my fave from the bunch. The elements are working together, good timing on the cloud, interesting structure, good set of pebbles. Don't forget that you can rotate your ND at an angle, so in this shot you could have evened the light on the pebbles and retained more detail in the waves.

Hi, these are a few photos I took recently along Brighton beach (UK).  The first is of a sunrise and the second and third of sunset.  These were taken using ND grad filters, as recently I've developed an obsession for playing around with them.  I'm sure it's just a phase and it'll pass!  Anyway, I'd be grateful for and constructive criticism you can offer to help me improve.

PS. Shot in Raw and a little processing done with Capture NX2

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