I am very interested by the SX50 HS BUT THIS REVIEW STOP ME !

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Re: I am very interested by the SX50 HS BUT THIS REVIEW STOP ME !

Marco Nero wrote:

I agree with you Peter.  Canon appear to have deliberately crippled another camera by reducing the ability of low light exposures with higher ISO settings.  With this camera, that is no longer possible.  This makes it hard for the public to buy a single camera that can do all they want it to do.

Very disappointed in this because the zoom is otherwise astounding at 1200mm on the SX50.  Perhaps they should call it the SUX50?

I only want to add that that stupid limitation for COMMERCIAL REASONS  isn't a Canon "patent": Nikon makes the same (P510) and Olympus also (SP-810UZ). What get on my nerves is that they implemented that limitation even in the M mode (by definition the mode you should set ALL shooting parameters).

On the other hand, there are some forum members that are sure the CHKD will override this... they say  CHKD is ABSOLUTELY sure (because is on card), but I don't know...


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