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memo90061 wrote:

Wow the pictures look really good! I've been wanting to buy this camera for concerts since cameras with removable lenses aren't allowed. It looks like a great little camera. I want it!! haha

That was my main motivation for getting the RX100, shooting in venues that allowed fixed lens cameras.

Having used the camera a few times in concert settings, some of my impressions are:

If you are up close, the camera is very very good.  If you're not up close and you have to use zoom, the camera can probably be matched by less expensive models.  The zoom is also slow in operation which makes it awkward to use multiple angles up close (shifting from a close up on a singer to a guitar solo for example).

The sound is pretty poor on the low end if the music is loud and clips badly. It booms and is muffled sounding. Using the wind noise filter doesn't fix the problem.

Overall, I'm happy with the camera and it's a big step up from the Canon G10 I was using previously.  Much easier to pocket and fair better low light video and images.  The sound on the RX100 at high volume is the major shortcoming followed by the limited and slow zoom.

Here's some of my concert videos:





That last one shows the difficulty I was having in using the zoom effectively.

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