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I guess my original post was written a little on the poor side. In hindsight,  I do often do post processing such as cropping or adjusting contrast a bit. Perhaps I should have taken a little more time to start this threadit better. Anyway, some of you guys have given me a lot to think about, and I really appreciate a lot of the contributions to this thread. I  guess some members have hit the nail on the head by saying things along the line of me being a bit overwhelmed by the many functions of lightroom etc. I think I just need to find more time to play around, and find some guides to read.

I suppose these days it is all to easy to snap, delete, snap delete, and give up on a shot. Maybe I ought to do more with RAW and PP in order to make the most of this hobby.

I have over 10,000 photos on my computer, and I figure a large number of them need to be improved. That being said, I have travelled a lot, and often I consider photos as a way to jog my memory of places and experiences I have had, so sometimes don't necessarily need to be perfect.

However, I've spent what some might consider (others not so much) to be a large sum of money on a camera, so I should really think about taking photography to a higher level.

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