Inkjetmall or inkjetcarts in epson 4900 ?

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Re: Inkjetmall or inkjetcarts in epson 4900 ?

Joe, both Jon Cone (inkjetmall) and Ross Hardie (inkjetcarts) are 2 of the ~5 reliable vendors cited on this site. Both give generously of time to aid beginners and up. I have been using inkjetcarts K3 inks for my 3880 for >20 mos, my Color & B&W prints compared favorably with the OEM ink. I used my Colormunki to profile both the OEM and then the K3 inks. The profiled OEM prints were visibly better than the generic OEM prints, the profiled K3 inks were as good as or better than my profiled OEM ink. The Epson OEM profiles for given printer class (3880) is a generic average, your individual printer, depending on the temp & humidity that day will vary from that average, and then again when it is drier and cooler. As a serious hobbyist I chose to purchase a ColorMunki to drastically reduce my Aspirin & Valium costs when preparing prints for competition!!

Richard, have ever contacted Ross about this 1/2 full problem? I'm not a 4900 user but it 'dont' seem right, at least, not at 50%. Did you try re-priming the cart at this time?

Do look at Jon Cone's 4900 carts & inks:  His new encapsulated inks are getting good reviews (check bob.petruska on this site, pharmacist on the Inkjet Forum and here)  and Cone is supplying a myriad of paper profiles for his ink!!  He may also have answer for your 1/2 full problem, may not even happen on his carts.

good luck   irv weiner

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