Optics: Sigma 19 and 30 vs Zeiss 24 at f4 and higher...

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Re: Optics: Sigma 19 and 30 vs Zeiss 24 at f4 and higher...

Taking everything into account chances are as you move away from wide open the differences in the final printed image will be small.  This taking into account corrections and enhancements made by software, the limitations of the sensor used and other parameters like image cropping.  For example, shooting hand held at slow shutter speeds in low light could null out any advantages one lens may have over another.

Another problem is the focal lengths called out in the comparison, they are not the same as such distortions and light drop off and softness in the corners, which are common with wide angle lens designs, will not be present with lens that are closer to the normal focal length.

The problem is benchmark performance of a single copy of a lens is only part of the picture, pardon the pun. IQ is dependent on other system attributes which include the photographer himself to a larger degree.


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