more vacation snapshots taken with Sony 5N

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Re: more vacation snapshots taken with Sony 5N

I remember reading some where that photographs are not taken but created.  This is so true.

I like to believe, that each of us goes out and captures images, be it on film or digital media, that is only the first step.   Each individual must decide own their own how and to what degree to alter the original.  Reasons for such changes differ from person to person and to what degree depends on the desired outcome and viewing audience.

Take for example Ansel Adams images.  When any of us go to Yosemite and stand in the places he did, do we see the same images?  Chances are no.  To me Ansel had imagination, technical knowledge, and vision.  He manipulated the captured image to a large degree and with the application of technical knowledge & skill was able to produce his works of art.  But it was not the technical excellence of his prints alone that separates his work from our own.

Other photographers of his age wanted to make politic statements, or wanted to elevate photography to an art and to have it accepted as such.  Just as each of us in this age, has their own goals, world view and technical background that influences our final images.

In this case, the "fun" vacation shots I posted were not posted not to impress others or gain praise but instead to spark the imagination in those who still have it.  I desired that the images would encourage you to go out and discover the wonderful world around you, to transform the everyday surroundings into something new and different, to impress your heart into your works of art.


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