Noob question: best 50mm Nikon lens for d600?

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Re: Nikkor 50 f/1.8 AFS G mounted on your D7000

Guidenet wrote:

Photographer124 wrote:

Guidenet wrote:

His opinion and ..

^^^ = Bull***t

D600 has way better image quality, given the same lens. The full frame sensor on this camera just shines... There is something in the images from the full frame, a 3d like appearance and clarity, the small sensors just does not have.

Just my 2 cents, my personal opinion. I went from D7000 do D600 too . ( did not "went" in fact, I still have both here, but D7000 is probably going to be sold).

Normally I don't answer a rude response, but in this case I shall. To call another's opinion ^^^ = Bull***t  yet claim your own is also opinion is both rude and a bit obnoxious. Wouldn't you agree? Why not tone it down and just disagree if you do with someone else's point of view?

When you have no images showing and a post that says it's just your 2 cents, being rude to others may not come across so well. I've been shooting FX for a long time and also prefer that format, but it doesn't magically create better images. A great compelling image can also come from a point and shoot or tin-type from years ago. One must work to create great images of substance. Again, if you can't create great compelling images with 3d like appearance and clarity, with the excellent D7000, you also will have problems doing so with a D600.

The glass is more important than the body or that differense in sensor size and the photographer is even more important yet. His/her choice in how and when to create their image and their choice in lighting is what might contribute to that 3d effect.

Anyway, good luck in your endeavors. :)

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Cheers, Craig
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Sorry for the strong "adjective" , it was out of place. I wanted to show my disagreement

It is true that glass is important, but same glass on these 2 bodies will yield better images on D600, easy.  Plus it is much easier to get an out of focus background with full frame, less depth of field.

I like it better.

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