My Nikon to Canon experience this past weekend.

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My Nikon to Canon experience this past weekend.

Well spent about 2.5 hours at Bedford's Camera in OKC and checked out the mkIII, mkII and D600.   I used the 50mm 1.2 with the Canon's and my 24-70 2.8 with the D600 Shot some pics off with my mem cards.

I really, really, really liked the mkIII a lot.  And I really thought the 50/1.2 was a fantastic artsy lens...........just beautiful! It felt durable and oozed quality in my hands.  I loved the just contoured to my hand perfectly.  ISO at 25000 was ridiculously good!  I kicked myself later because everything was shot in Jpg and not RAW.  So I'm sure there was a heavy dose of NR to the files straight out the camera.  At first I thought you had to hold down buttons like ISO and use the wheel at the same time to find your setting like you do with Nikon.  That finger wheel by the shutter and the ISO button is next to each other so you should of seen me holding it down and using my other hand adjusting settings.  Then i found all you do is press the button once and adjust with the wheel......very simple.  I actually like that better than the hold down process with Nikon.

MkII was really nice also but felt like a toy compared to the mkIII unfortunately.  Also autofocus on the mkII was actually least in the store with plenty of light.  I never did check in low light, but all autofocus points worked flawlessly at all f stops.  I believe in low light is where AF was lacking if I remember correctly but I never checked. I couldn't get pass the cheaper feel.

I was impressed with the D600 feel.  For whatever reason I thought it was going to have a low quality cheap feel and I was wrong.  Felt very similar to the D700 but the buttons where all different and in diff places but not a big deal since canon's was all over the place also.  It would just take some getting used to.

Did I make the switch?  No, I didn't.  Why?  Well honestly I probably would had but they only was giving me $3300 for all of my gear and I needed considerably more to cover the cost of the mkIII and 50/1.2.  When i got home imported the files into LR and really liked the detail and combo of the MKIII and 50/1.2.  Tons of detail and bokeh was dreamy.  The D600 was nice but I had a few AF shots at 2.8 with my 24.70.  That never happens with my D700 and 24-70.  I really never did get a good detailed file.  I mean it was nice but nothing compared to the MKIII.  I honestly don't know how DXO gets their figures.  The MKIII has a superb sensor, at least my 2.5 hour first impression was of that.  I was hoping I would hate it so I could just move on with life and keep what I have.

D700 w/grip  $1400

D5000  $260

50/1.4G $110

35/1.8DX $50

80-200/2.8D $320

24-70/2.8G $830

18-55/3.2-5.6 $40

85/1.8D $290

So as you can see I wasn't getting very much but I do understand he has to price low to make a profit.  I think he might of been fair on the D700 price but some of the lenses were low balled I think.

MkIII $3499

MkII $1799

D600 $2199

So i could of gone with the MkII easily but didn't feel easy about that at all.  It was mkIII or go home after getting to know it for a few hours.  Oh well, I guess I have some decisions to make if I'm going to make any type of move.

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