From my kitchen window!!!!

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Not particularly

TOF guy wrote:

Great shot. You're braver than me! Aren't these animals potentially dangerous ? I would have stayed behind the window

Not if you do not bother them. I am in Northern California, Silicon Valley. We have a lot of them here. Fairly easy to meet one while hiking. Here are a few shots form my area (forgive the quality, they were all taken with pocket cameras):

This one sprinted a few yards away from me, chasing some poor ground squirrel:

This one was watching us as we were parking before hiking:

And here he walked away lazily when I started walking toward him to say hello (my wife took the picture, he was looking at me):

They're gorgeous animals.

In which part of Northern America do you live if I may ask?

OP mentioned he was from Agoura Hills, that's in Southern California, near Los Angeles.

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