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Re: Have You Watched Any Other CreativeLive Seminars?

Go attend a PPA print competition and listen to the judges discuss the images. Talk to them afterwards - and you'll learn a great deal about what makes a image 'work' better.

I did that relatively recently, wasn't worth my time. They were as full of it as I expected them to be. The key to winning a PPA competition is following a set of predetermined and oftentimes unwritten rules rather than making an amazing image on its own. There's something wrong about that.

Beauty may weave off the narrow path but what we find pretty today isn't all that different from what we found pretty 2000 years ago.

Agreed... but then how do you explain the images that win the PPA competitions? The best ones rarely place and the most generic ones commonly win! Seems like what we find pretty today has changed after all.

Anyway, this is pretty OT. I'll refrain from saying more so that I don't derail the thread entirely.

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