Bummed, but returning D600

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Re: Bummed, but returning D600

jabilson007 wrote:

Here is a sample of what I am seeing on the sensor. I may be overreacting, but I could not get it cleaned in 4 attempts and the store wants $50 to do it. There are more than 15 spots. For this kind of money it should be cleaner.

That's a pretty clean image sensor for f/16.  Cleaning an image sensor is not an easy thing and often takes several physical cleanings to get it looking good.  And you have just a few spots in one corner of the image.  You'll probably be using f/16 (or you should be) infrequently. And often those dust spots will get hidden over colors since it's really only over solid white or blue sky where dust shows up.

If you get another d600 unit you'll likely go through the exact same issue and there's a good chance the dust on the sensor will be worse than the one you have now!  Listen to the advice you are being given, and don't get all egotistical thinkink the image sensor should be perfectly clean. Dust has been an image throughout the life of photography with film and following photography into digital too.

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