Sony to stop making Cameras ?

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thubleau7, what's your excuse?

thubleau7 wrote:

apart from passing yourself off as a woman you only have to read the report ,but I know how hard it must be for you to sustain attention for 62 pages.

The camera division is small fry (168.00 million dollars p/a) the dlsr and mirrorless have been supporting loss in the P@S sector and sales are down 32%

thubleau7, didn't you read this from Kazuo Hirai (Sony President and CEO), on page 6 of the Annual Report-

"To meet these challenges, we will focus on the five key initiatives outlined in our
new corporate strategy announced on April 12, underpinned by Sony’s core strengths:

● *Strengthen core businesses: Digital Imaging*, Game, Mobile
● Turn around the Television business
● Expand business in emerging markets
● Create new businesses and accelerate innovation
● Realign our business portfolio and optimize resources"

Or, this on page 12-

"I. Strengthening Core Areas
Sony has positioned its digital imaging, game and mobile businesses as the three
main pillars of its electronics business and will focus investments in these areas going
forward. Sony anticipates that approximately 70% of its total R&D budget will be
dedicated to these areas.
Digital Imaging*
In digital imaging, Sony will further strengthen the development of proprietary
technology in image sensors, signal processing technology, lenses and other fields in
which it excels. Particularly in image sensors, Sony has consistently invested resources
in this strategically important area and will continue to do so as it strives to reinforce
technical differentiation and bolster sales in such high-growth areas as smartphones.
Furthermore, by leveraging these unique technologies in consumer products as well
as a broad range of professional products, including security, professional-use
camera and medical equipment, Sony aims to further expand the scope of the digital
imaging business and create attractive and differentiated products.
Sony believes that it can maintain its high market share in the digital camera and
digital video camera markets and generate stable profits in these categories.
Meanwhile, the market for interchangeable lens digital cameras is expanding, and
Sony’s goal is to leverage its unique technologies as it targets sales growth exceeding
the market growth rate to build profitability."

Or, this on page 37-

"NEX-7 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera
Compatible with Sony’s compact E-mount mirrorless
interchangeable lenses, the NEX-7 boasts a massive
24.3 effective megapixel APS-C size image sensor (the
same size used in standard digital single-lens reflex
DSLR cameras), which provides over 10 times more
area than the average compact digital camera sensor
and approximately 1.6 times more area than Micro
(Four-Thirds) sensors, thereby capturing a greater
amount of light. This impressive sensor is coupled with
an improved BIONZ® image processing engine, ensuring
beautiful bokeh (“defocused”) ef fects, highly
detailed tonal gradation and clear, low-noise picture
quality for both still images and Full HD video. The
NEX-7 also offers an OLED viewfinder with a bright,
high-resolution display, which ensures quick responsiveness
and approximately 100% frame coverage, as
well as such groundbreaking features as the userfriendly
Tri-Navi™ control system, which assigns settings
to three different dials, making it possible to
select and adjust settings quickly and easily, all contained
in a compact, light body—attributes that earned
high marks, even from experienced photographers.
Going forward, Sony will step up efforts to develop
image sensors and other proprietary technologies to
further cement its leading position in the digital camera

thubleau7, you knocked GodSpeaks, for "passing" herself as a woman (which is very sexist), and for not being able to read 62 pages. So, tell me, are you a eunuch, and don't have the cajones, so you aren't able to read even a few pages into the Annual Report?

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