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Started Oct 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
Fred Mueller Senior Member • Posts: 2,528
same ...

Have had a D700 for 20 months and will be keeping it indefinitely ... bought a 600 to have a second body (doing some paid work lately).  I had a chance today to shoot at a big cyclo-cross event in Providence - perfect for testing AF tracking.  While the 600 with grip is a very nice package, and you "could" theoretically cover such an event with just that body, it really can't keep up with the good old 700 and grip.  IMO it's no contest actually.

Not that the 600 is "bad" but the 700 really does acquire and lock focus at a higher level , the viewfinder is a tad bigger and brighter, and of course 8 frames per second is substantially faster than 5.5. and don't forget  the 700 trails the D3s and D4 - and maybe the 800 for acquisition and tracking, but not burst rate - so that knowledge brings the 600 down to earth a bit ... I should also mention, the tightly clustered 39 points is a slight liability as well ...

I knew these issues going in and I am still super happy to have the 600 for its other strengths.  24 mpx is just prefect for me when I want a higher quailty file, and the smaller size and much quieter shutter are welcome in other contexts.

I am still partial to the D700 ergonomics, but am also getting used to and faster each day with the 600, but I am quite sure I will always be a little more fluid on the 700.  For me the MB 14 grip really improves the 600 experience a lot, especailly for event type shooting - so really satisfied I afforded that ... basically am I just very happy to have both bodies.

For those who might be considering an "upgrade" from the 700 to the 600, and need to sell the older body to do it, I think you need to very carefully define what type of shooting you intend to do mostly ...  the 700 with its grip is still a formidable machine - Nikon really rang the bell with that one.

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