Comparable alt. to Photoshop as well as other must-have software?

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Re: Exactly my thoughts! WTF no layers or raw in GIMP? BS!

newmikey wrote:

Of course you can save layers in Gimp as long as you save in proprietary XCF format (much the same as PSD in Photoshop)

Of course you can do raw in GIMP as long as you use UFRaw as a plugin (much the same as ACR with Photoshop)

I find it worrying people seem not to know anything about the software they use. It is a condition that will not change whether they use 0$ or 1000$ sofware - nothing will ever be good enough. PEBKAC issues are abundant.

Nevertheless, there are alternatives to Gimp like digiKam, RawTherapee, Darktable, Photivo but they are more lightroom-like raw-converters/DAM-packages. If that's all that is needed, fine.

A little bit of money will buy you solid products like PSP or Aftershot Pro but without learning a bit about them, they'll be as useless as GIMP or Photoshop in similar conditions.

I haven't yet found one bloody thing I cannot do with Gimp with the exception of 16-bit edits - I do those in ImageMagick or ShowFoto.

But, please go ahead and buy or steal Photoshop, like so many around here, trumpeting the advantages of 16-bit editing and then plastering 640px thumbnails on a website or printing A4 prints on a cheap inkjet. It'll improve your photo's a great deal - not!

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I'll assume, newmikey, that your anger is not directed at me but instead at folks in general.

My concerns about software are that I'm not utilizing my files as fully as they can be.  Up until now I've had no problem shooting .jpg but I want to produce really good work and that means I need to be more honest with myself about my workflow and where it needs to be.

I'm not opposed to learning GIMP.  What I'm finding difficult is that I'm not a very tech-y person and I haven't worked with digital imaging for nearly a decade, since my newspaper days.  I only started shooting digital 3 years ago and didn't get too serious about graphic work until last year.  This world of compression and plug-ins and God knows what else is pretty foreign to me and I'm just having a hard time wading through it all.  I know what I want my END result to be - but getting there is a different matter altogether.  I'm a visual, hands-on person and reading stuff just doesn't sink in - I need to be shown.  YouTube is wonderful but only goes so far.

I shot 2 weddings this past spring - 1 commissioned, 1 for family - in addition to shooting commercial work for trades and personal stuff for myself.  I've had no need to delve further previously but I really want to learn graphic design and that means learning all this stuff properly.

I have no plans to steal Photshop.  Yes, it's done, it's prevalent, and I've had 2 offers from casual friends.  But aside from getting a virus through a pirated copy, if I'm going to maintain integrity with my work and ask folks not to steal from me, I sure as hell can't turn around and do the same.

Since I'm sticking with GIMP for now - what does a RAW converter actually do and what can I complete there before I upload it into GIMP?

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