Fungus on Lens - Help me

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Re: Fungus on Lens - Help me


I am no expert by far, but seeing as you only have one other reply, here is my 2 cents:

- yes, that looks like fungus.

- it may not affect image seriously, mainly contrast, depends on how the other inside and back elements look

- gt the repair guy to give you a quote, which lens is it, the quote may be more than a replacement lens from Adorama or B&H or Cameta Camera (or Ebay). However, if an expensive lens, may be worth it. Or, the quote may not be much, I wont know,t he repair guy will.

- A lens does not ened to be immersed to have fungus. A humid environment and time will do this.

- In future, try to acquire a few packets of silica gel (electronic stores should have a few to give away.Keep them in the camera bag when not in use.

- Siilca gel is a drying agent and will keep you lenses clear, but you will have to refresh it by putting in oven (not microwave) every few months (assuming packaging can take the heat (not plastic obviously).

- Silica gel is also poisonous by the way, only if you ingest, not to handle (I say this just in case you have little ones around).

Hope that helps in some way. No liability accepted for wrong information...  

.....Just from an amateur......''Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy.”

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