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Re: Canon Article and My Two Cents

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The centre AF point (or points on the 1Dx and 5Diii) on just about every Canon DSLR in use today has ( -ve) significantly greater sensitivity with the f2.8 lens [see Canon DSLR manuals]. The difference is particularly marked when shooting down to progressively lower light levels. At a stage the slow f4 lens will fail to lock on while the f2.8 performs faultlessly.

On paper it sounds nice. However, I have (also) not noticed any difference after getting the F/2.8 IS L II.

You might want to try outdoor sports in fading light with subjects wearing low contrast jerseys...!

Been there. Done that…with the f2.8 IS II. I had to switch to fast primes. I would have had to change to them  five to ten minutes earlier with my f4 IS, but I don’t consider that significant or a reason to buy one over the other.

On the field of play, an awful lot can happen in 'five to ten minutes'...!

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