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Re: Are you comparing apples to oranges?

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osu wrote:

They are getting their butt kicked in the TV department because their price point is out of touch with reality and Samsung, LG and Panasonic all make a better TV for much less $$$. But somehow Sony is unable to see this and refuse to lower the prices.

Sony has 4 levels of HDTVs. Their lowest cost units are the BX series, and they go on to the EX, HX, and the top of the line XBR. The same thing applies to the competition as well. So, are you comparing the prices of a high end Sony XBR unit against an 'entry' level TV from Panasonic, Samsung, or LG?

In checking the websites for the four companies, I didn't a lot of difference in price of a 40" - 46" class HDTV. Perhaps you saw an ad for a Sony XBR next to a competitor's lower level TV.

Sony is moving into 4K UHDTVs that are very expensive. Sony is making a good profit margin on this type of TV, as they are one of the first players in this segment.  However, I saw a report that the 4K UHDTV market will only be about 1% of TV sales for several years.

No, not comparing apples to oranges. Samsung's and LG's TV's in every one of those market segments is a BETTER VALUE for the $$$. Samsung and LG are also not 'fixing minimum pricing" like Sony so resellers can feel free to discount where applicable which creates more sales. Additionally having 4 levels of HDTV's is actually working against Sony from a marketing perspective. Reduce it to two, cut costs and focus on those market segments. Kill minimum retail pricing policy.

TV's are a consumable commodity to 99.99999% of the buyers out there. There is a very small but vocal group of audiophiles that look at esoteric things like the XBR line and decide that they need to spend 3x the cost to get a TV with "perfect" specs. These are people that have bought into Sony's marketing hook, line and sinker. But they account for such a small portion of the overall sales numbers that they are statistically insignificant.

The proof is in the numbers. Sony is being beaten in the TV market by more agile competitors.

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