Not a lot of D600 failure reports

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Re: Got a note from Thom Hogan in my DPReview inbox

Thom may be confusing high volumes for 'muted sales'.   Thai plant can produce higher volumes than Japan plant.  Nikon has always had initial tight supplies of product from its Japan plant.  None of us will really know sales until reports to shareholders.  This is a  $2000+  consumer electronic device.  Just for the body.  Nikon knows they won't do D90 sales with this.  And if they wanted more sales, they would have launched it at $100 less at a magical $1999 msrp.  Nikon is playing a long game, not a short game.

My guess is the D600 is selling very well.  As for the QC of the D600.  I think that because this is the first full frame for the Thai plant, the plant managers are probably being very particular about QC.  It must have been a big deal for that factory to get a FF product.  I am guessing they are watching return rates very closely and will be chuckling to themselves if they beat the D800.

eNo wrote:

I think he'd be okay with me sharing, and it's pretty interesting info:

1. The D600 is not selling out. Sales seem a little muted.

2. Unlike the D800, Nikon didn't rush the shipments of the D600: they built inventory and shipped normally. They didn't rush cameras off the line and send them by air as they did with the D800.

3. I've gotten plenty of D600 problem reports already. The one that seems repeated and is a bit disturbing is that some users are finding that AF Fine Tune doesn't pull in their lens sets. Thus, there seem to be some number of cameras that are misaligned (again ;~). This is a slightly bigger problem with the D600/D7000 design, as there are fewer adjustment points, especially in the mirror mechanism itself. It's not at epidemic proportions yet, but when I get multiples of a particular problem showing up in my In Box, I start looking harder.

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